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Eye Art: best OCR software

What is an OCR software?

OCR is the English abbreviation for Optical Character Recognition and identifies the technology that reads every single character in a document scanned with the scanner and is exported to PDF, DOC, Text, HTML, XLS, Excel, PowerPoint document from image format (PNG, JPG, etc.).
Using an OCR software you can also digitally scan handwritten documents or special features (identity documents, pro-forma invoices etc.) to modify or simply store them on your PC.

Text Recognition Program By Paolo Mossa

The advantage of "Eye Art" OCR is the possibility for user to program it according to the requirements. The program can read all type of documents. We can say it is an intelligent system selecting what is required. The program language is C#.
This system compared to other OCR does not have all characters in memory but asked every time new characters appears. The user can chose a translation and it is memorized in an appointed file called like the neame of the chosen program with extension “arr”.
This approach makes the program flexible and fast and gives the possibility to manage particular writes such as handwritings and ideograms.

The Potential User of Eye Art, OCR software

The potential user of this program is a company that can develop its own software in C# upon it requirements and necessities.
The benefits? All documents can be resolved quickly, mistakes free and aligned to the real needs.
The program can evaluate handwritten text therefore can be used to analyze text for graphology.
If a document has a signature it can be checked with the inner program. The procedure is sold with a user friendly and easy to understand build-in starting program for common typed texts.


Minimal configuration:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • 4 Processor Computer 2,6 Ghz
  • Knowledge of C#

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