Eye Art: Advantages of OCR Software

Advantages of Eye Art OCR:

Configuration and optical performance of white, black, grey and colors

The program initially scans a picture from a camera, a computer, a scanner or a mobile identifying the minimum and maximum values, borders, borders pixels of the characaters calculating the curvatures.
The curvatures are important to recognize shapes therefore the characters while the positions needs to understand the way to return all the information in the translated document.
The text can be taken by a mobile or digital camera. Nevertheless to have satisfactory results it is better to use a scanner and in particular black and white images.
The best format is JPG or BMP.

Programmable in C# to manage and select characters

A company that can develop its own software in C# upon it requirements and necessities. The benefits? All documents can be resolved quickly, mistakes free and aligned to the real needs.
The program is sold with a user friendly and easy to understand build-in starting guide.

Adaptable to every document tipology and reading

The text can be taken by a mobile, digital camera or scanner. The program once it is converted in a RTF text for the updates, can be converted into another format like PDF,Text,HTML,XSL,EXCEL,Powerpoint at any time.

Contemporary fonts management for all kind of documents

Let’s make an example. A user wants to add a German dictionary. The program must be set to recognize German fonts and letters. Other characters not included in the German language must be recognized as well like other symbols fonts. This function is possible thanks to the fact that the program accepts all kinds of fonts and more fonts simultaneously for every kind of document.
It is not necessary that the German font is the same as the translated one. It means that if we load a German text in an Italian DB it will be possible to change a U with Umlaut ( the Italian diaeresis) the “ue” diphthong.

Possibility to expand the program with other kinds of third parties programs

You can use other DLLs made by third parties (external DLLs) to improve for example:

  • a more accurate documents
  • even manipulate images
  • even you can load from Oracle DLLs and use this DB.

Speed Optimized

The program uses all the available processors to extract the useful data from the document and then it passes them to the internal program to form the document with a light set of characters and then it's very fast.

Errors free