Eye Art: Features of OCR Software

Features of Eye Art OCR:

Possibility to convert all kind of documents (PDF,HTML,XSL...) and to load data directly on every kind of DB

The program once it is converted in a RTF text for the updates, can be converted into another format like PDF,Text,HTML,XSL,EXCEL,Powerpoint at any time.
In order to do so, it is necessary to mark “Check” the following programs EXCEL, WORD, XSL and HTML, PowerPoint, and put DLL for the actual directory methods (unless not already unable in the GAC). Another advantage is that the program can load directly into DB.

Possibility to examine handwriting documents as well as joints ideograms

This system compared to other OCR does not have all characters in memory but asked every time new characters appears. The user can chose a translation and it is memorized in an appointed file called like the neame of the chosen program with extension “arr” .
This approach gives the possibility to manage particular writes such as handwritings and ideograms.

Possibility to manage images with or without reading letters in them

This feature is optional because it is used to load those logos or photo images or even colored edges that are not needed for the intended use of the program, that is, extraction of data or scripts. It is useful for example to rebuild the document with its pictures and photos.

Possibility to select parts to include or exclude in the reading

With the function "Limited Zones" the program will read only the characters contained in the rectangles or in the rectangle defined in the panel or even excluding the rectangles.
What does that feature do? It is very useful to read a few characters or phrases that are in fixed zones in the scanned documents or if you have a document smaller than an A4 taken by the scanner. Or even to delete a part of the page from reading, for example if you want to delete a portion of the page as an unwanted logo. With this function the reading speed increases.

Possibility to continuos process more documents at once

With the usefull features of "THE REPORTS" it's possibile process more documents at once because serves to generate a scanning report.
In this way, during program operation, the program will not stop if there is a malfunction but it will give an error warning simply by reporting errors. If you want to fix it you will see the files that caused an error.
It is useful to process large amounts of documents assuming that only few gave a mistake in order to make the process continuous.
The report has the date and time when the scan was launched and the various job parameters.
You can also print the report so you are checking the scan.

Possibility to make graphological analysis of scripts and signature

The program can evaluate handwritten text therefore can be used to analyze text for graphology. If a document has a signature it can be checked with the inner program.

Editable results

It's possibile change the results or modify it.